Google Penguin 4.0 Update

Google has updated its Penguin 4.0 algorithm recently during september 23rd and all the search engine marketers are going crazy over this news. Google has also now baked the penguin algorithm into its core.


Google’s webmaster central blog post about penguin 4.0 has confirmed the rollout of the algorithm. Based on that blog post it confirms that there will be no news or confirmation of penguin update in the future.

Is the Google Penguin 4.0 Rollout completed ?

I think google is still rolling out its algorithm as it indexes new pages and crawls old pages and reranks them based on the new algorithm.

We will have to wait and see how this will affect the rankings of websites in the long run.

No Penalty for whole site ?

With the new update google is not going to penelize the whole site due to one page .Instead that page will have demoted ranking. So your whole site won’t be affected if you have a page that has many spam links pointing to it due to negative seo.

Real Time Updates :

With penguin rolling out in real time , the changes made to a site will take effect as soon as possible. So if you see any negative seo links mostly it will automatically be ignored by google. If not you can use the disavow tool to demote the links and the effect will be mostly real time.

So you can recover from bad links quickly than before where you have to wait for the penguin algorithm to update.

Does your site got affected with this new update. Let us know in the comments section below.

What is the future Of Ad Network was recently bought for about 900 Million Dollars by a chinese Company.

Chinese Ad market : will now be able to focus on the expanding china ad market due to the high population and high user growth of internet in china.

What does it mean for other countries ?

We are not sure till now how it will go. I am sure that the US ad business will keep on going and won’t be shutdown or anything. So publishers are not in danger if they are using ads on their websites for revenue stream.

But with the access to ad data and user usage data china can make use of the data and sell it to other chinese companies. So there is a some worries regarding this. We don’t know yet how this privacy issue will be handled.

I have already seen reduction in earnings in my account for my websites. I think it coincides with the company being bought my a chinese company.

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